Knock Knock!

The season is just around the corner with the opening World Cup in Soelden taking place this weekend, and ski resorts already open in Colorado. As the season approaches we are finishing up our final high intensity conditioning block in Park City, Utah, and I am making a concentrated fundraising push before we get on snow. 

Finishing our last dry land block is exciting to me as a skier, because it means instead of spending 6-8 hours a day trying to be the best at exercising, I get to.. well, go skiing. Being an animal in the gym is a completely necessary part of our sport that I actually enjoy suffering through during the summer and fall, but it's all just a prerequisite to go fast come winter.  Ski season arriving should also be exciting to you as a reader, assuming you exist, because going skiing means pictures of adventures to all kinds of interesting places around the world. My goal is to give a fresh insight into these adventures, and provide the blogosphere with something other than the standard explanation of what I ate for breakfast, what my favorite ice cream is, or how many slalom gates I hit today. (Reader beware: any, or all of these topics may actually appear on this blog at some point this season ;-))

My season is planned as well as possible considering it's October: I'm headed to Colorado next week to begin training, and I have plane ticket to Finland in November for the opening Europa Cups, and back to Colorado for the opening Nor-Ams and hopefully the Beaver Creek World Cup... after that it's just an excel sheet with a bunch of colors and columns of options A, B, and C until March... Ok, that might be an exaggeration, because I actually have a very distinct set of goals for the season, but being flexible is imperative to having a successful season. 

I am confident in my approach, my equipment, my coaches and my teammates going into the new season. I have worked hard to ensure that each of these contributing factors are dialed in and can help translate my efforts on the hill and in the gym into fast skiing. The biggest obstacle I face as the new season approaches is funding. Despite the fact this is not an Olympic season, there is in fact a complete year of racing ahead, including World Championships, which will take place in Beaver Creek, CO. Fundraising is always easiest coming into an Olympic season, but our costs remain the same each year. Last season I used a pre-fabricated web platform to help raise money to fund my season. This season I have elected to use my own website to avoid fees and surcharge, and to communicate directly with my supporters! I have already received some tremendous support from a variety of people, businesses, and foundations. However, as the season is knocking at the door I need to continue to raise money to cover my expenses this season. My current goal is to reach out to those who I haven't yet, for one final fundraising effort to cover my remaining estimated expenses of about $20,000. If you are interested in contributing and haven't done so yet, please check out the donation station for instructions on how to do so, and SWAG in the SWAGSTORE. I am extremely grateful for ANY support you can provide. As mentioned at the donation station, contributions can be made via check or through the website. However, those supporters who are looking for their name to appear on my exclusive training bib, which I will be wearing all season please check out how you can do so here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you so much for reading!


..Here are a few links to get the rust off of those neural pathways you have stored away for ski racing (or watching it...)

A look at my run down Adelboden WC last season...looking for revenge this year ;-)

Ted embarrassing the field 2 seasons ago in Alta Badia. Text book.

And in anticipation for Movember, check out all time great Michael Von Gruenigan making the swiss cheese suit as good as possible back in '96.